I have known Ms Josette Robert, now Managing Director of Global Logistics, since 1987. My first contact was in my capacity as manager of this Department’s forms design, production and distribution until 1990. Since then I have been a recipient of forms supply, being the manager of one of the largest posts overseas and currently manager of a large program in a state office.

As manager of the forms section, I experienced major problems with production and distribution, and as a result I initiated contracting-out of the function. This forms contract proved to be highly successful and was renegotiated last year.

Ms Robert has been involved in both contracts – first as project manager for Ansett International and now as Managing Director of her own company.

I can give very positive testimony to Ms Robert’s abilities.

In the formative stages of the contract, her advice was very professional in every way – generous in ideas and detail on the technical side, objective and fair in relation to possible competitors. Ansett international’s bid, prepared by Ms Robert, showed thorough research and obvious familiarity with the nature of work required, making the final choice of contractor a much easier task than we anticipated.

Once the contract was let, the outstanding feature of Ms Robert’s team was reliability and flexibility in their response to the unexpected. Inevitably there were problems on the printing side – such as delays in the production of forms, incorrect labelling of consignments, inadequate packing, and on the delivery side – such as strikes, diversion of aircraft, water damage when off-loaded at Singapore etc. In each of these situations, the team quickly came up with solutions. I recall one situation in particular, when the team – from the manager to the typist spent all night repacking and sorting consignments so that a deadline was met.

Essential to the success of the contract was the idea of the faxed “pre-alert” developed by ms Robert. This gave overseas posts and onshore offices advance waring of a shipment, and because they were required to acknowledge receipt accordingly, it gave the contractor a record of performance and provided an audit trail.

Ms Robert is familiar with the Government’s purchasing guidelines and financial systems. She is also innovative in the use of computer technology.

Ms Robert has also been highly focussed on client satisfaction and initiated surveys of our posts and onshore offices to find out whether standards were being met and where improvements could be made.

As a recipient of the forms overseas and onshore, I can vouch for the continued success of the contract. The expertise and continuity provided by Ms Robert would be a significant factor in this success.

I am happy to provide further comment and can be contacted at the address above. My direct telephone number is 03 612 3001 and my fax number is 03612 3955.

Anne Coutts PSM
State Manager
Entry and Compliance
9 September 1994

We have been dealing with JR Global Logistics Pty Ltd since they commenced trading in 1994. We have found the company has always provided us with an excellent service, which looks at the total logistics requirement of each task which in turn guarantees the result.

Ms josette Robert, the Managing Director, is very approachable and is always available to assist us with the successful transportation of goods.

We have the utmost confidence in ms Robert and JR Global Logistics Pty Ltd and have no hesitation in recommending their services.


The J.S. McMillan Priniting Group, has over the past 5 years contracted the services of J.R. Global Logistics to project manage and deliver the large majority of all our clients overseas delivery requirements. These requirements include delivering large shipments that in total can weigh in excess of 50 tonne to approximately 77 different outlets around the world. JR Global Logistics are required to provide this service for us on a tri annual basics. In addition to the above we also use J.R. Global Logistics for all our smaller overseas ad hoc deliveries.

It must be noted that due to the nature of our shipments, delivery dates are critical and late deliveries are not acceptable.

Prior to subcontracting our overseas delivery requirements to J.R. Global Logistics, we trailed a number of other major freight companies with limited success.

Over the duration of the last 5 years I have found the professionalism and commitment of the staff at J.R. Global Logistics to be most impressive, but most importantly their reliability to complete time critical deliveries has been excellent.

I am most appreciative of the professional level of service that J.R. Global Logistics provide to our company and would not hesitate to recommend them to any organisation contemplating doing business with them.

Yours faithfully

Clive Besant
Account Manager
22 February 1999

I have known Ms Robert in a professional capacity for the past four-and-a-half years during which time she has been responsible for distribution of DIEA forms to 130 destinations around Australia and the world (90 off-shore, the remainder on-shore).

Ms Robert first entered into a business relationship with DIEA under our original forms contract with Moore Business Forms, with which Ansett International Airfreight was sub-contractor in charge of distribution.

She continued in this capacity under our second contract with the JS McMillan Printing Group.

DIEA has been very pleased with the results of out sourcing our forms printing and distribution and one of the most significant reasons for this has been the timely delivery of our forms, even to the most difficult and out-of-the-way destinations.

Ms Robert has been in no small way responsible for this and her skill, diligence and expertise are the reasons she has continued to get our business (worth about $1 million a year).

I have no hesitation in recommending her as an international freight agent and would be happy to discuss this reference further with anyone interested. My telephone number is 06 2642022.

Publications and Forms
22 March 1993