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  • About J R Global Logistics Pty Ltd – Established 1993

    JR Global Logistics Pty Ltd was formed to provide a freight service door to door for the Australian Government by an Australian Company. JR Global Logistics is a 100% Australia owned business that has been in operation since 1993 (19 years in business). JRGL is endorsed by IATA license number 02-3 4780/2122. JRGL deals directly with all airlines and Shipping lines in and out of Australia. The 30 years of experience in the International Freight Industry has enabled our founder to forge many strong business relationships with airlines, Shipping lines as well...
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Mission Statement

To sustain exceptional
Customer Service Standards
by offering a full range
of value-added solutions
that promotes timely deliveries.

Unique Network

JR Global Logistics works with a unique network of agents with proven experience in the handling of Diplomatic cargo.

We recognized from the beginning there was a need in this industry for a specialized service provider looking after the Australian Government and its suppliers in order to ensure best service practice at a competitive price which equates value for money.

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International Network

Our comprehensive network of international agents were selected for their expertise in expediting clearance in their respective countries and more importantly for their previous experience in dealing with the Australian Embassies and Consulates in their country.

This unique network of Agents is another reason for JR Global Logistics being recommended to many of the Government suppliers.
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JR Global Logistics is an Australian Company.ACN 063 211 129

The company started in 1993 however, The vision for JRGL was conceived in 1983, with the aim to have an AUSTRALIAN logistics company provide a Secure and reliable service for Door to Door Air and Sea Freight to the Australian Government and its Embassies and Consulates around the world.

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Corporate Goals

JR Global Logistics objective is to provide exceptional service and value for money.

  • JRGL will get it right the first time.
  • JRGL will have direct personal contact with you.
  • JRGL will contact your supplier.
  • JRGL will track your consignments.
  • JRGL will inform you of the status.
  • JRGL will pre-alert you.
  • JRGL will deliver on time.
  • JRGL will offer competitive pricing.
  • JRGL will work with your company’s objectives.
  • JRGL will keep you informed of strategic issues.
  • JRGL will be an asset to your business activity.
  • JRGL will commit to understand your industry, and its challenges.
  • JRGL will design the service to suit your needs.
  • JRGL will measure our performance.
  • JRGL will maintain a superior service.