Unique Network of Worldwide Agents

JR Global Logistics works with a unique network of agents with proven experience in the handling of Diplomatic cargo. We recognized from the beginning there was a need in this industry for a specialized service provider looking after the Australian Government and its suppliers in order to ensure best service practice at a competitive price which equates value for money. To this end we have and still invest time and resources visiting numerous Australian Posts around the world which involved careful selection of accredited and reliable local agents to represent J R Global Logistics in every post where The Australian Government is represented. Many of our agents have been selected with the recommendation of Senior Australian Consulate Staff. After carefully verifying their accreditations with local authorities we select our agents for their knowledge of local customs, their pre-existing relationship with the Australian Consulates and Embassies, and most importantly because of their proven past experience working with the tax exemption applications for the purpose of clearing shipments through Local customs Australian Missions at each destination.

JR Global recognizes our carefully chosen unique network of dedicated agents is one more reason why JR Global since it’s origin has successfully handled regular door to door shipments for All Government departments , including DFAT, DIAC, Aust rade and their suppliers Around the world our agents deals directly with the Australian missions on behalf of J R Global Logistics.